Evan, the Gallery Operations Intern: Joining the Team

Myself with Kate Thornton, board member and longtime contributor to the dA.

The first time I stepped foot in the dA I was completely blown away. Outside, the footsteps of the art walk pattered up and down the street, and the sounds of the festival still rang in my ears. The gallery was crowded, but the relaxed atmosphere could be felt immediately upon entering – a sigh of relief in the midst of the food, the crowds, and the music. This is what the art walk was all about: appreciating the time and effort that had been put into the work on display. Never did I think that I would eventually be a part of the team that makes this all possible; and just a year later, here I am.

The feeling I had the first time I stepped in the door hasn’t changed. That relaxed vibe always lingers in the dA, and the people are its source. In the few short weeks I have been here, everyone I have met so far seems truly passionate about working together to bring local art to the community. There is a wealth of knowledge among the volunteers and members, some of whom have been involved in the arts community for many years. Each week they dedicate their time to help run the gallery, and are always around if I need them. Everyone has been happy to help me with any project I have been assigned. Even when it comes down to cleaning the kitchen, or taking out the trash, I am happy to do whatever needs to be done. Not once have I felt like I am working for anyone – because we are all working together.


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