Katie, the Communications Intern: A Change of Pace

Clifford Regennitter’s Rose

I usually spend my days at the dA tucked away behind a laptop in the upstairs office, working in self-imposed isolation on one project or another. However, last week I ended up mostly down at the reception desk, selling tickets for last Saturday’s “Mad Men Cocktail Hour” fundraiser, taking art for the upcoming “Goddess of Pomona” exhibition, and swatting at whatever rogue flies that happen to find their way in. (The last one’s more of an informal duty, but it’s important nonetheless.)

But just as I’ve been getting used to working downstairs, the dA has also been transitioning between exhibitions. Since last week, everything from “Exhibit Love” has been slowly disappearing, and in its place the floor has been steadily accumulating art of all kinds celebrating Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit and orchards. While most of it isn’t up yet, I’m looking forward to seeing everything arranged throughout the gallery by this upcoming Saturday’s opening reception.

As a sneak preview, I’m sharing my favorite submission so far: Clifford Regennitter’s Rose, a rather intimidating metal sculpture especially if you’re only 5’0″, like me (I estimate it’s about two feet taller). The details are pretty amazing!


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