The dA Concert Series Presents: 9/27/2013


Silk Arc –
Take Pictures –
Illimitable Abstract –
Catheter –
Courtaud and Bobtail –
The dA | 252-D S. Main St. | Pomona
September 27th| 7 PM | All Ages | $Donation$

Catheter is a wonky, engaging fix of electroguitar punk. Catheter is a work of experimentation and energy. Catheter is a one man death pact, with the obligation to sweat and construct jagged themes. His music is So Cal smog, sometimes cyber punk noir, other times magical realism turned computer fabrication. Illimitable Abstract comes across as a very electronic and chilled out session. Nutritious synth built harmonies and pretty-like strummed guitar develop an inebriated atmosphere. The music is orchestrated very sweetly in such a way that the mood is almost as romantic as it is somewhat crazed; a deep unrequited passion and madness. Take Pictures are definitely a very passionate live band. Their mix intends to border on ear scathing loudness, but is shy from the COA and Les Rallizes form of explosive sheer noise as it includes a very pop-like structure verbatim to something Boyracer might appreciate. The mix of controlled pulsating sound churned into a pop punk like cheer (and an appreciation for electronics) really helps in my appreciation of this younger and often uplifting shoegaze band. Courtaud and Bobtail are such a sweet identity of a band. A three piece that naturally refines their sound that each time I see them perform their twang and harmony reaches a closer solid form. Although I don’t believe that Courtaud deals with anything that is a solid form. Their dreamy textures and soft calamity maintain a very indie rock feel, but that arid atmosphere is sulky and soft, crazed. Silk Arc is a new name for new ideas. Brent Mitzner of projects past (and a personal favorite music/noise/whatever maker) is like an ever developing Phoenix of ideas. Always rearranging, destroying, constructing. Each project has dealt with works that display a deep and intricate frustration, love, anxiety, inner tenderness, and have become stellar (personally) in their own right. As Silk Arc is the newest of his works I cannot detail what the project with consist of, but his recent works of Torn Humorist and CLEANSING delve into enlightened chasms of experimentation that were dark and harmonious. Both had been music on the verge of dance and back-ache. The power of HABITS comes deep within Dustin, the mastermind behind the project. The obvious is that HABITS is a continuation of the resting giant Halloween Swim Team, although the body of work seems to contain a very identifiable yolk of its own. HABITS retain a lot more GSL freak funk fervor than any modern band, an electronic mesh of paranoia, experimentation and total funktitude. It is a definitive work of surreal politics and punishing rhythm. ALONE is a great project by the great Sean Pineda. The work throughout his musical career has spanned very different sounding projects and ideas, although most have had this sense of romanticism and a very mystic quality. ALONE continues a deep and drenched form of lo fidelity with both lyrical prose that is a whimper and a sweet kiss all at once, and music which spans the dreamy theatrics of home recordings. There is a primitive love, a spookiness, and of course creative assortment to be had here.

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